Childcare Manager

A lifelong Tampa resident, Megan first began caring for children at the age of twelve through her own babysitting service. By the age of sixteen, she was teaching preschool for her local church, and at the age of nineteen she had completed the coursework to be an accredited Child Development Specialist. While not necessarily a lucrative career choice, it has been a labor of love. A “Mary Poppins” in her own right, Megan has cared for hundreds of children over the years, many of whom she has continued relationships with as they have grown into adulthood.

“Miss Megan” brings her heart full of love and 25+ years of experience to the playroom at STC. A firm believer that children learn through play, she works on creating an environment that lends itself to play and creativity. Expect to see your children singing and dancing through the windows one day and exploring a messy art or sensory project the next. Most of all, expect your children to love coming to the playroom at STC as much as you enjoy getting in your workout.