South Tampa CrossFit

South Tampa CrossFit is an elite CrossFit facility that fully embraces CrossFit’s core principals of constantly varied, high intensity workouts to achieve functional fitness for all ages and all fitness levels. We believe that optimal health and fitness go hand in hand, and can be achieved by anyone who wants it. We leave nothing on the table, making sure that consistent training, diet, and lifestyle are all accounted for. We offer daily group classes, personal training, sport specific training, and a community that keeps you coming back for more.

We were created by the merger of two CrossFit gyms in the Tampa Bay Area: CrossFit HAF and CrossFit Ybor. The merger of these two communities, philosophies and coaching staffs has brought a synergy that sets us apart from other gyms. We offer unique and eloquently challenging CrossFit programming which is dynamic, effective and results oriented and a community that is family oriented, quaint and motivational. With athletes that include moms, professional athletes, business professionals, grandparents, and everything in between, we’ve developed a community that is truly FAMILY. Additionally, our coaches, combined, have accumulated over 75,000 athlete hours. We believe that quality coaching is key to getting results, preventing injuries, and providing an overall experience that is nothing short of motivating and inspiring.

All You Have to Have is the Desire to Start!

While high intensity workouts are extremely effective as well as fun, it is critically important to develop proper mechanics and consistency first. For that reason, we have created a platform that allows us to smoothly, effectively and quickly introduce each individual, no matter their fitness background, to our group classes.  Specifically, you will have a personal coach to teach you correct movement and a community to motivate you through your fitness journey.